Artist Statement

From a young age, my love of drawing and narrative became a method of self-nurture and play. I became fascinated with imagining and transforming characters and architectural environments, developing a habit of changing forms of objects based on memory or sensory perception. 

I consider myself a tangential thinker, relying on collage as a foundation to piece together captured moments. I am influenced by my personal history as well as fictional children's literature. Imagery unfolds like a storyboard frequently juxtaposing repeated scenes of human connection and intimate loneliness. Motifs of architectural pattern and flooring run through the frame as an entryway and exit from the imagined scene. Similar to pattern drafting, scenes are comprised of repeating static images, recurring motifs, colour combinations, and textures fused through memory to suggest the possibility of alternate environments. Together, these elements provide a sense of fluid movement and narrative, serving as a momentary stopover for the viewer's imagination. 

Through my experience, people naturally gravitate to repeated patterns in their actions and perceptions of the world. By following the mundane routines of everyday activities, we miss experiencing the magic of what is beautiful, transformative, and less obvious. I want to provide a connection or experience with what the viewer might often ignore. 



Sophie Williams is an illustrator, surface designer and textile artist who lives in Toronto, Ontario. She received her BFAH from Queen’s University for painting and printmaking and completed Textiles and Surface Design in the Crafts and Design Program at Sheridan College. She has a multidisciplinary approach to making work and uses a diverse range of media. 




Sophie williams

Available for commissions